PalmCoast Utilities, LLC


Palm Coast Utilities, LLC provides services to include, but not limited to:

Water main installations and services/hot taps

Sewer main installations and services

Force main installations and services

Pump station installations and repairs

Shallow and deep well installations

Curb and gutter installations

Residential, commercial and mound septic systems

Backflow Preventor Certifications

Concrete paving, pads, sidewalks

Form in place concrete


Clearing and grading

Business License

Re-line manholes and wet wells

Utility Contractor License

Manhole coring

Utility Manager License

Concrete coring

Utility Foreman License

Treatment plant repairs


Water, sewer, storm drain bores (2" - 36")

Storm drains and roof drains

Storm water monitoring

Jack and Bore

Directional boring

GA Soil & Water Conservations  Commission - Level 1A

NUCA Confined Space Entry

Excavation and Trench Safety

Trench Safety and Shoring

Backflow Prevention

Equipment Rental:                                   

Daily, Weekly, Monthly                        

Light , Medium and Heavy Duty Equipment

Soil Stabilization, Leak    Stoppage, Lifting Slabs and  Floor Repair

Traffic Control

Certifications for Backflow Prevention

Emergency 24 hour repairs!

D.O.T. Signage and Arrow Boards

and more!

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